Digital Image Processing Portfolio

Professional software solutions engineered to your specific requirements

Bespoke software for specialist and niche markets, including:
  • Endocopic surgery image recording and reporting tools
  • Cell classification and image processing systems for the fertility medical field (CASA)
  • Automated production line quality inspection systems (machine vision)
  • Video recording systems with automated motion detection
  • Call center and back-office screen recording products
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DIMENSIONS - Autonomous sperm cell classifier for male fertility prognosis

Dimensions is a world class leading software product to predict male fertility based on sperm morphology (cell shape). The pioneering medical research by Prof. Thinus Kruger (Tygerberg Hospital) in the field of strict sperm morphology was transferred to a software program to do pattern recognition on sperm cells according to the techniques and parameters determined by Prof. Kruger. PrimeLogic developed Dimensions Morphology software as part of a joint venture with Hamilton Thorne Inc., a USA company, who provided the computer controlled microscope and related hardware. The Dimensions product is successfully marketed by Hamilton Thorne for almost 2 decades and is still in operation at many research institutes around the world.

IMSI-Strict - Assisted sperm selection during invitro fertilization

IMSI-Strict provides real-time feedback for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically-Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) during lab assisted invitro fertilization. IMSI-Strict combines Tygerberg Strict Criteria with motile sperm organelle morphology examination (MSOME) and provides software-based categorization using head size, head shape, mid-piece, and number of vacuoles. Using these analyzed parameters, sperm are assigned to one of three categories - normal, sub-normal or abnormal. The IMSI-Strict product is marketed and distributed under license from PrimeLogic by Hamilton Thorne Inc. in Boston, USA.

EKISA ScreenLogger - Computer screen recording

The Ekisa ScreenLogger was developed to record computer desktop screens as video. Operating on a network, the Ekisa ScreenLogger can record hundreds of PC screens simultaneously. The primary application of this technology is to provide a visual transaction record of PC based operations, but it is also extensively used for training and QA purposes in call centers. A Software Development Kit was developed to allow integration with 3rd party applications such as voice recording. The Ekisa project was co-founded by Conrad du Toit, and Ekisa Software Corporation has been registered as an independent private company in February 2005.

FICS - X-RAY fuse inspection system (machine vision)

The Fuse Inspection Control System was developed by PrimeLogic to inspect X-ray images of certain weapons components. Computer software was used to detect faulty components. Computer software controlled the autonomous operation of the imaging bench, and included image recognition software to do two-dimensional size, position and rotation independent pattern recognition. All these features were extracted to enable the user to detect the faulty components.

OPSIS - Digital Video Recorder

The Opsis-100 Digital Video Recorder (DVR) was developed in 1995 by PrimeLogic and was considered a pioneering product at the time as only a handful of competitive products existed in South Africa in 1995. In 1996, Opsis Visual Management Products was registered to market and further develop this DVR with a new shareholder. In 2000, the powerful Opsis Alpha 16-channel real-time DVR software was developed by PrimeLogic for Opsis, and this became an immediate success with a local banking group using it extensively in their cash counting centres. The Opsis Alpha DVR is capable of recording a Terra Byte of video footage on raids using either built-in motion detection or external triggering. Alpha DVRs networked with each other on a LAN and provide powerful video playback & management functions from a central control room. An associated product of Opsis of which the software was developed by PrimeLogic, is the CashGuard money counter. A money counter machine was integrated with the Alpha DVR to trigger high speed video recording with the cash totals superimposed on the video from an overhead camera. The Opsis CashGuard and Alpha DVR offered a unique solution to cash counting bank centers and were deployed nationwide by a national banking institution.

FOTOMASTER™ - Endoscopic surgery image recording and reporting tool

PrimeLogic developed the FotoMaster™ which is used during endoscopic surgery. During endoscopic surgery, a small camera is inserted into the patient's body. The camera captures the images which are then displayed on a video monitor. The surgeon now performs the operation by viewing the monitor. FotoMaster™ compiles a report on the procedure which can be filed in the patient's records. FotoMaster™ also has a filing system where reports can be edited. The file can be emailed and a search on keywords can be done. FotoMaster™ is endorsed by the Unit for Reproductive Medicine and Surgery of Tygerberg Hospital
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